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PLA full biodegradable film/bag

  •  PLA biodegradable T-Shirt bag
  •  PLA biodegradable T-Shirt bag
  •  PLA biodegradable T-Shirt bag
 PLA biodegradable T-Shirt bag PLA biodegradable T-Shirt bag PLA biodegradable T-Shirt bag

PLA biodegradable T-Shirt bag

  • Material: PLA,
  • Size:customized
  • Thickness: 0.02mm-0.09mm
  • Custom Order: Accept
  • Product description: PLA biodegradable vest bag, PLA biodegradable T-Shirt bag, polylactic acid biodegradable vest bag, supermarket shopping bag, flat self-adhesive bag, roll bag, garbage bag and so on.
Product Description

PLA  biodegradable bag eco-friendly

PLA is short for ploylactic acid. It is from natural, renewable starch rich crop such as corn, potato, people also call it "Corn Plastic". 100% compostable and biodegradable: Under compost condition, PLA will decompose into lactic acid when polyers are broken down. Lactic acid will depcompose into water and carbon dioxide by bacteria.  It will take 90-180 days under compost condition according to different size and thickness of the products.

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Suitable for supermarket, food packaging, garbage collection, family kitchen, hotels, restaurants and other organic kitchen waste.

1.100% biodegradable compostable and disposable .
2.envionment friendly .

3. Compared to the traditional plastic, save over 75% petrochemical resource.
4.Compared to the traditional plastic ,it can reduce over 60% co2 emission.
5.No phthalate, no bisphenol A, non-toxic and pollution-free.
6.Have mechanical prooerties,can applied to general plastic processing facilities for various modding processing.
7.Transparency and softness could be regulate as required.

Our Company

Changzhou Green Cradleland Macromolecule Materials CO.,LTD

Our company was established in 2011 which located in Jiangsu Province of China. We are professional company that we always focus on the scientific research and production of biodegradable materials of filmy class,fiber-class and sheet class.Now products mainly include the PVA modified resin and PLA modified resin.

Company is of strong technical force, advance production equipment ,strict control of quality adhering to the work ethic of profession ,concentration,dedicated with the first-class products and first-class service,with sincere attitude to win the trust and cooperation of customers to create a better future.

Contact Us

If you are interested in our biodegradable PLA plastic bag , please contact us and kindly let us know the below details
4. printing colors
we will appreciate that you can send us a picture of bag in your inquiry. Your inquiry will receive our high attention and immediately reply.

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