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fishing bait bag

  • PVA water soluble fishing bait bags
  • PVA water soluble fishing bait bags
PVA water soluble fishing bait bags PVA water soluble fishing bait bags

PVA water soluble fishing bait bags

  • size:customized
  • hardness: soft
  • thickness: 0.02mm-0.09mm
  • Custom Order: Accept
  • Product description: This product is mainly exported, the water will immediately melt decomposition, can be loaded on the bait, equipped with hooks, throwing water stuck fish, the bag will melt off, fish hook hidden in th
Product Description

Water Soluble bags for fish is very popular for carp fishing because it allows you to fish with baits of pellets or particles,with your hookbait amongst them. The bag will melt slowly leaving the baits in a nice little pile with your hookbait in the center of it. It is ideal for long-range and deep-water fishing situations.
water soluble bags are an invaluable carp fishing aid for groundbaiting with small baits, particles, crumbed boilies etc into a swim with the hookbait closeby.
Size and colour : Customized

1.Manufacture CLLZY pva fish food packaging bag.
2.Made of clear pva water soluble film.
3.OEM is available .
4.High quality.

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