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PVA water soluble degradation plastic film

  • pva film roll
  • pva film roll
  • pva film roll
pva film rollpva film rollpva film roll

pva film roll

  • Length:customized
  • width: 25cm-160cm
  • thickness: 25um -95um
  • Color: translucent
  • Product description: PVA water-soluble film is widely used in cosmetic products, especially the washing powder, laundry detergent and other chemical products.

Item soluble in water and Eco-friendly for cold water soluble film
Width 80cm-160cm
Composition PVA
Thickness 25UM- 60UM
Soluble Tmeperature ≤ 20℃
Soluble Time



1) Ensure good storage after use in case of wet;

2) Normal water (15-30℃) for cleaning gradually in case of fabric harden;

3) Using in flowing water has better performace;

4) Ideal hardness can be done according to the storage place.

Water Soluble Backings:

Made of PVA, used for embroidery allocation and can be dissolved completely in water.

Same operation with paperboard and also environment friendly.

No yarn breakage, no pin-parataxis and no hole-aberrancy.

Can be used in almost all kinds of under wear, dresses, laced embroideries, etc

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