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pet waste bag

  • flushable pva pet waste bag
  • flushable pva pet waste bag
  • flushable pva pet waste bag
flushable pva pet waste bagflushable pva pet waste bagflushable pva pet waste bag

flushable pva pet waste bag

  • size:customized
  • width: 25cm-160cm
  • thickness: 25um -95um
  • Custom Order: Accept
  • Product description: Biodegradable&flushable bag can be used to collect the dog poop with certain water content without dissolution or break. Once the collection bag contacts plenty of water when discarded into a toilet,
Pet waste package

PVA water soluble film for pet waste package

PVA water soluble film is base on Poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVOH, PVA, or PVAl) as the main raw material, which is a water-soluble synthetic polymer.As water-soluble PVA films have the advantages of solubility and retard property and are friendly to the environment, they have become one of the most successful environmental protection products through-out the world in recent years.

Product Application

Will this product with pet feces collected directly into the toilet, the septic tank system will be treated as pets unified, so as to protect our environment and water resources.Pet waste contains many bacteria, such as: n/med tuberculosis bacterium, brucellosis, salmonella disease, if it is exposed to prevent environmental sanitation in the nature, and the faeces of germs spread easily through the air or into the groundwater, rivers, and pollution of water resources.Such as pet waste contains a large number of worm, harms to the health of children, such as the roundworm parasitic in their eyes will cause serious eye diseases, etc.
Flushing type pet waste bags in flushing and fully biodegradability at the same time, more have higher strength and water resistance, flushing type pet waste bags will not easily damaged, leaking, once into the flush toilets after contact with a lot of water can quickly become soft or rupture was smoothly into the sewer, will not result in a water pipe plug.

The advantage of using water soluble bags
1. Improve the working environment to be clean and tidy;
2. Reduce the cost of labor and cleaning;
3. Keep secret of dyeing formula;
4. Increase production efficiency by simplifying the process;
5.  Suitable for automatic operation process.

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