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water soluble film

  • pva plastic film
  • pva plastic film
  • pva plastic film
  • pva plastic film
pva plastic film pva plastic film pva plastic film pva plastic film

pva plastic film

  • length:customized
  • thickness:25-95micro
  • Width: 0.25-3.2M
  • Hardness: Soft
  • Product description: Water-soluble film widely used for packing instant pesticide raw materials,fertilizers,dyes,detergents,cleaning agents,water treatment chemicals,mineral additives,seed tape,top class garment,laundry b

PVA resin is one kind of water-soluble polymer materials produced by using water-soluble polymer as film-forming substrate,adding plasticizer,softening agent,surfactant,dispersant and other auxiliary materials and through specific film-forming process.The membrane has good flexibility and isolation of various substances and will quickly dissolve in water.

It is mainly used for

1)inner packing bag of pesticides and chemical products.

2)packing bag of cement additive ,

3)fabric carrier of embroidery ,wig and so on.

4)release film for large artifical stone.

5)surface printing(water transfer printing).

6)seed bag.

7)packing bag for hospital washing.

8)food preservation bags and air cushion bags after compounded with other plastics.

PVA water soluble film

Usage and Features
1.Pesticides or chemical products packaging bags: avoid hand touch of pesticides and chemical products, pesticide residues in a plastic bag;
2.Cement additives(silica fume) bags: avoid dust pollute the environment;
3.Carrier of embroidery, wigs and fabric for easy cleaning;
4.The large artificial stone mold release film: in the membrane pad soluble film, quick stripping;
5.Surface printing(water transfer): Printed on the film can be transferred onto the surface;
6.Crop planting(seed tape): wrap up the seeds at regular intervals and then buried in the ground, saving precious seed, eliminating redundant work;
7.The hospital wash bags: Cleaning contaminated clothing without contacting it;
Packaging for Clothing, electronics, food, daily necessities and other.
8. PVA film for laundry detergent capsules pods.


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