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PLA full biodegradable particles

  • PLA full biodegradable particles
PLA full biodegradable particles

PLA full biodegradable particles

  • Brand Name: CLLZY
  • Color: white transparent
  • Grade:high
  • Uses: Agricultural Film
  • Product description: Poly(lactic acid) particles (PLA particles)​

PLA is obtained from the polymer based on lactic acid as the main raw material.The source of raw materials is adequate and can regenerate which not only be affected by the oil crisis,but also could solve the problem of white pollution. It is a good substitute for petroleum based products.Modified polylactide resin is a kind of biodegradable plastics specifically designed for film blowing and film casting through conventional blowing or film casting machine. It contains no inorganic filler, with good flexibility and high tensile strength. The material is non-toxic, and can be used for food packaging. Film with modified polylactide resin still remains good clarity.

Except biodegradation in commercial composting method,products made of PLA modified resin are not only of good biocompatibility,glossiness,transparency,touch and heat resistance,but also has bacterial resistance,flame resistance and ultraviolet resistance,etc.

The application is very wide.It can be used for agricultural film, polylactic acid fiber, high-grade degradable tableware, food packaging, supermarket convenience bag, health supplies, and other fields.

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