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water soluble nonwove fabric backing

  • water soluble paper
  • water soluble paper
  • water soluble paper
  • water soluble paper
water soluble paperwater soluble paperwater soluble paperwater soluble paper

water soluble paper

  • Feature: Anti-Static, Eco-Friendly, Water-So
  • Color: white transparent
  • Soluble temperature: 10 degree- 93degree
  • Weight: 20gsm-90gsm
  • Product description: Water soluble non woven fabric, also known as water soluble paper, can be completely dissolved in the temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. It is mainly used for the lace embroidery backing interlining,

Product Description

* Producted by fabric with pva water soluble material.
* health and safe ,comfortable and clean
* Anti-Static, Eco-Friendly, Fusible ,Anti-Bacteria, Breathable.
Shrink-Resistant ,Anti-Bacteria ,Breathable ,Water-Soluble
*usage:Interlining ,Agriculture ,Home Textile ,Hygiene, Hospital ,Car ,Shoes, Garment, Industry, Bag

Item: Cold / Hot Water Soluble Interlining
Composition: PVA
Weight: 20-60gsm
Width: 47"-127"
Soluble conditions:

Hot water soluble interlining:

Soluble temperature:>90, Soluble time: 5-20s


Using as the base fabric of solid color embroidery

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